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    What's not to love about Pickerington, Ohio?
    Pickerington has a great reputation for a really great sports program, including baseball, soccer, and football. Pickerington also has top quality school systems, and the city maintains high standards for housing and commercial properties.
    Pickerington has a lot of nice sites for people who like nature sites, such as Sycamore Creek Park Arboretum and Pickerington Ponds Metro park, where many people like to take photos of the various birds that nest there.
    There are also some unique historical sites in Pickerington, such as the Pickerington Violet Township Historical Society and the Motorcycle Hall of Fame Museum.

    Many Pickerington families like to go sledding at Simsbury Park, because the disc golf part of the park has lots of nice hills.

    You can go hiking, biking, and exploring in the many metro parks.


    Pickerington has some great restaurants to offer, including a local place called Roosters that specializes in chicken wings, chicken tenders, and some unique sandwiches.

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    Where is Pickerington Ohio located?

    Pickerington, Ohio is an affluent suburb of Columbus, Ohio.

    It is located on the Southeast side of Columbus.
    The exact location of Pickerington is 39°53′32″N 82°45′50″W.

    Pickerington is unique in that it is in two counties - Franklin County and Fairfield County, and it sits inside of Violet Township. In fact, many Pickerington residents identify as living in Violet Township.

    On the last weekend of July, Pickerington families celebrate the Violet Festival, which is named after Violet Township. It was named Violet Township back in the 1800's because of all the wild violets that grow in the fields.


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    Pickerington History


    Pickerington is named after Abraham Pickering, although it wouldn't take them name at first.

    Born in Virginia, Pickering visited the plot of land known as Violet Township, and he really liked the climate of the place. It was good farming land. When he heard that they were going to name Columbus as the state capitol of Ohio, he knew that many people would start moving in to the area.

    Pickering decided to buy more land to prepare for the growth of the city.

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    Pickerington Information


    Pickerington population size is around 18,000 people, and each person is able to acquire a decent plot of land, as there are plenty of farm plots being developed.
    Of course, many people love to live here because of its close proximity to Columbus. Most people can get to work in under 30 minutes.
    As you look around the city’s website you can tell that people really love living in their town.
    It definitely has more of a small town feel.

    There is a coffee shop called Porters that many Pickerington residents like to visit.


    The official website for Fairfield County: www.co.fairfield.oh.us/

    Other cities in Fairfield County - Lancaster, Canal Winchester, Reynoldsburg, Columbus, and Lithopolis.