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    Why Do You Need a Bathroom Remodel Company?

    Bathroom Remodeling DIY can be harder than you think.
    Bathroom remodels involve plumbing, electrical, and other pieces that require licensing and technical know how. Trying to do bathroom projects yourself can often lead to more time and frustration than you originally figured. Rick Wheeler LLC can remodel and create a bathroom that will be gorgeous when it's done.
    Why not save yourself the frustration and time and let the experts handle your remodel?
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    What to Look for in the Best Bathroom Remodeling Contractor

    When you look for a bathroom remodeling company, what should you look for?

    • Quality Work.  You want to be able to look down the road years from now and see a bathroom remodel that you are still proud of.  We don't like using cheap products, so there may be times when we as the contractor discourage you from using products that we know are low quality.  We are putting the Wheeler name on this project, and that means we want it to be quality.
    • Focused on Customer Satisfaction.  We are the type of contractors that keep you updated along the way and make sure that you are still happy with the work.  We want you loving your new bathroom remodel so much that you tell your friends about us!  Customer satisfaction is our #1 goal!​
    • Attentive.  You want a contractor that will actively listen to your ideas for your bathroom remodel.  You want someone who will double check with you and make sure they understand your vision for the bathroom before they begin.  We want you to get the dream bathroom that you desire!
    • Dependable.  You want a remodeling company that shows up when they say they will and gets the job done in the time they told you.  You don't last 40 years in the construction business unless you do this. Our family owned and operated business will give you the dependability you deserve.
    Bathroom Remodeling Company Columbus Ohio

    Different Styles of Tub Installation

    ​Are you looking for a new tub in your Columbus bathroom?
    Did you know you have several options when it comes to the type of tub you can get, including:
    Jacuzzi tubs, Soaking tubs, Whirlpool tubs, Undermounting tubs, Walk-in tubs, and more.

    • Drop-in tubs. A hole is cut out of material such as marble or tile, and then the tub is dropped in. You can tell you have a drop in tub because you can see the lip of the tub sticking up above the supporting area.
    • Undermounting tubs. On undermounting tubs, the tub is mounted underneath the tub deck.
      *undermount tubs have an advantage over other tub styles when it comes to tub/shower combinations. The water doesn't collect on the deck of the undermounting tub like it does on a drop in tub - because of the lip.
    • Free standing tubs. Free standing tubs don't have any surround material. It simply sits on its own and you can see the bowl of the tub.
    • Alcove tubs. This type of tub is called alcove because it's surrounded by three walls. The feel is more private, like you are sitting in your own room.
    • Rick Wheeler LLC does it all! Whatever your preference, our expert contractors can make it happen!

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    Your Local Columbus Bathroom Remodelers

    ​Put yourself in good hands. We are local and established in the community so that if you ever need us, we are just a phone call away!

    ​Should you need bathroom remodeling, contact Rick Wheeler LLC serving Columbus, Pickerington, Canal Winchester, Pataskala and more!
    If you need, we can bring in portable toilets while we remodel your bathroom.

    Call immediately so you can have a new bathroom in Pickerington installed within days.
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