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    Columbus homeowners - are you looking to build a new garage in your back yard?
    Do you need a garage for more storage or extra places to park vehicles out of the weather?

    What design garage do you need? Do you need a garage with an overhead door big enough to park a recreational vehicle?
    Rick Wheeler LLC can install a new garage designed for any of your needs!

    At Rick Wheeler LLC, we absolutely love helping out homeowners like yourself with garages!
    We have different styles of garages depending on your needs and your preferences.

    We can't wait to sit across from YOU and discuss all the different options of garage construction.

    When it comes to garage construction, we are a QUALITY FIRST company.

    Your garage needs to be quality as well as stylish and practical and useful.


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  • Different Types of Garage Construction 
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    Traditional Frame Garage vs. Post Frame Garage

    • Traditional Garage Construction. If you are a homeowner in the city, you are probably thinking about having a traditional frame garage. Many residential homeowners prefer a garage that is going to match the style of their house.
      A traditional framed garage is built using wood frame with traditional stud spacing, typically built upon a concrete pad and will have a shingled roof.
      There was a style in the past of building garages out of concrete block walls. You can see a lot of these style garages in neighborhoods that were built in the 60's, such as the Huber style homes built in Reynoldsburg.
      More modern garages are built with a wood frame with vinyl or brick siding.
      If you live in a Homeowners Association, you will need to check with the HOA


    • Post Frame or Pole Barn Construction. Pole barn garages are built of out poles that are driven deep down into the ground for the frame, and typically have a metal siding and a metal roof. You tend to see this style of garage out in the country and is frequently associated with farm or agricultural buildings, but not always.
      Often times this style of pole barn garage uses a brick veneer or stone veneer for siding. Whereas the traditional garage might use real stone or real brick, metal pole barn buildings tend to have a veneer siding, which is a sheet of siding that gives the appearance of brick or stone.
      Typical post frame garages include: agricultural farm buildings, horse stall barns, metal barn construction, barndominiums, hobby shops, and storage buildings.
      Some prefer the pole barn construction or post frame construction because it saves a little bit on money. When the shell of the garage is built out of metal (siding, roof), it doesn't cost as much as say a true brick construction, and you don't have to worry about shingling the roof since post frame uses metal roofing. Also, if you are thinking about long term cost, metal roofs have a much longer shelf life and you don't have to re-shingle the roof every 20-30 years. Metal roofs can easily last 50 years or longer. So, you might see a slightly cheaper price tag on the new build of a post frame garage, and post frame construction also is likely to see a long-term savings on cost.

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