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    There's nothing worse than being stranded in Columbus without power!

    You know how it happens...

    a storm hits... the wind blows... a tree branch falls... a transformer goes out... AND

    you're without power.
    If you do not have a whole house generator, you are panicking... calling the electric company to get the latest update... hoping they restore power soon... hoping that your food doesn't go bad... hoping that your air conditioner starts back up soon... hoping you don't have to live off of candles forever... when WILL they get that power back on?
    That's what happens to people who DON'T have a whole house generator.

    For people who DO have a generator installed, they're not worried at all!

    For the homeowners that had a generator installed by Rick Wheeler Construction,
    they get to keep living life just as they always did.
    No worry about when the power is coming back on or anything else.


    Peace of mind. That's what a whole house generator brings.

    Buy yourself some peace of mind before the next storm hits.


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  • What Is a Whole House Generator?

    Home Generator Installation

    whole home generator installation pickerington

    Whole Home Generators can be hooked straight into your natural gas supply, which is the most ideal. Whole house generators can power as much of your house as you'd like! They can also run on diesel or liquid propane.

    If you hook your home generator into your natural gas or liquid propane, this is ideal. That way, the power to your house is connected to a power supply that should last you long enough until the electric company gets the power back on.


    Portable generators run on gasoline and can only power a few things at a time. They definitely will not be able to run all of your house at the same time. Of course, the main things you want a generator to keep going are: your air conditioning (when it's hot), your refrigerator (so that your food doesn't go bad), and possibly some lights. A portable generator will not be powerful enough to run your air conditioning.

    A portable generator will not be able to power everything in your house, AND you will have to constantly refill the gasoline whenever it runs out.


    A great benefit of whole home generators - turns on power automatically upon power loss

    One of the great things about the generators we install in Columbus is that your system will automatically be notified and will kick on within seconds to restore power.


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  • In What Areas Do We Install Generators?

    Whole House Generator Installation

    whole house generator installation pickerington

    If you are looking for a licensed installer of whole home generators, Rick Wheeler Construction is the company you need to call!

    We service these areas of Columbus:

    • Columbus Ohio
    • Reynoldsburg
    • Gahanna Ohio
    • Pataskala Ohio
    • Granville Ohio
    • New Albany Ohio
    • Westerville Ohio
    • Worthington Ohio
    • Dublin Ohio
    • Hilliard Ohio
    • Grandview Ohio
    • Germantown Village Ohio
    • Ohio State Campus
    • Sunbury Ohio
    • Johnstown Ohio
    • Delaware Ohio
    • Pickerington Ohio
    • London Ohio
    • West Jefferson Ohio
    • Sunbury Ohio
    • Westerville Ohio
    • Plain City Ohio
    • Ostrander Ohio
    • and more! 

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